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Godspell – Cast of 2032

ImageThis is awesome!! It’s great to see shows embracing the community, whether it be fun days that appear to be popping up in the West End or more ambitious things like this from the current Broadway revival of Godspell, seeing shows opening themselves up for more interaction is always a good thing.

So what is this all about? Well the production of Godspell held open auditions for children aged 6-16 to perform a medley of songs from the show after a performance infront of a paying audience, with the show’s crew, set and orchestra – maximising the Broadway experience for these young people.  What was produced is shown in the video below.  You never know – some of these kids might be the next big thing!

“The GODSPELL Cast of 2032″ features Gaten Matarazzo as “Jesus,” Danny Ward as “John the Baptist/Judas,” Montana Byrne as Anna Maria, Grace Capeless as Celisse,Zoe Considine as Morgan, Jon Viktor Corpuz as Telly, Alec Gallazzi as George,Rebecca Goldfarb as Lindsay, Analise Scarpaci as Uzo and Evan Smolin as Nick.  Holly Block is the swing.


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A Month of ‘The Book of Mormon’


Last year, Broadway.com shared a series of videos on YouTube from The Book of Mormon, the musical that has become known as the one by the South Park guys and the one from Avenue Q.

Having not been to New York whilst it’s been on, I can only hope that the rumours of it coming to London very soon are very true as I’m dying to see it.  The soundtrack is awesome and everything I’ve seen about it has got me more and more interested.  These videos give an interesting look at the show from it’s conception through to the production itself and worth a watch.

Here’s day 1 to start you off….

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Book of Mormon – I Believe

I’ve been listening to Book of Mormon on Spotify recently – and it’s inspiring a new blog, so in the meantime a video from the Tony’s performance of ‘I Believe’.

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Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

I have just come across this extended preview of the infamous Spider-Man musical and I have to say…. I would like to see it!  Saying that really surprises me, but it looks spactacular now they’ve had several months to iron out the difficulties and redo a large proportion of the script.  However I must say that the second song they feature looks more like a monsters gay bar than a number in a Spider-Man musical.  I love the look of the set and how the comic book aspect plays such a strong part, from the camera to the set.  The above video you can’t watch here but follow the link on the video to YouTube – it’s worth while.

To make up for the follow the link on the video, here’s a performance of ‘Rise Above’.  Enjoy!


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A Blog that Came About While Listening to the New ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ Soundtrack…


How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is an awesome musical.  I first saw it in Chichester several years ago with an awesome cast and when I heard it was being revived on Broadway I was actually quite excited – even though I knew I wouldn’t get to see it.  Then I heard Daniel Radcliffe was going to be the main character….  Not only do I find it difficult to think of him as an adult and not a 10 year oldf boy wizard but there’s something about him that I don’t like.  Watching the latest couple of Harry Potter films he was clearly acted off the screen by everyone and everything including a CGI creature.  He’s also a bit too excited about, well, everything and comes across as a smug person trying to be humble, so I was almost kind of glad I wasn’t going to be able to see this production.  Then I heard the soundtrack had made it’s way to Spotify where I can listen to it (albeit 5 times and only if I still have time allowed) for free so I can have some form of judgement on Radcliffe’s performance – even though I can’t be sure if hasn’t been tampered with.  I’m guessing it hasn’t as I’m only on the first big number and already Radcliffe seems to be struggling with his singing (I dread to think what he’s like when he has to dance around too).

Anyway, the music for the show is brilliant, so I’m going to carry on listening.  Don’t want to get myself into a track by track review but will come back when something good or bad happens…

  • Coffee Break is just as good as I remember it being when I saw this show years ago! (Maybe it’s because there’s no Radcliffe?)
  • Oh, some talking, Radcliffe’s accent is…. interesting.
  • Advert time for a Blackberry Play Book – this is exciting me more than the music…. not a good sign :S
  • The support cast are either fantasitc or just sound better due to Radcliffe
  • 20 seconds into track 18…. Oh. My. Word. It’s a soundtrack recorded in a recording studio over time – how does Radcliffe sound so crap?
  • Oh Ghost the Musical is oh Spotify now too – though I did buy the album last week on itunes (but it’s now on Amazon to download for a bit cheaper!)
  • I am going to have to give up.

Let me be clear – I love the music, I love the show and I think most of the cast are fantastic – but, call me narrow minded – I just can’t get over Daniel Radcliffe.  I saw Joe Macfadden in his role and he was brilliant.  Robert Morse in the film is fantastic.  Radcliffe…. is making me cringe.  I don’t want to feel like this when listening to music.


Well… I went to YouTube to try see a clip of the show and watched this – the performance from the Tony awards:

And my opinion, though not changed, has softened.  Softened to a more ‘Gawd-bless-‘im-and-his-little-cotton-socks’ attitude, but still softened.  He is doing a much better job than I could do so if any Radcliffe fan girls see this I have admitted he is better than me OK? BUT he still comes across as unnatural, a bit too excitable and slightly ‘high’ (if you get what I mean).  Also, anyone else notice how out of breath he gets? I know it’s a high energy number, but there’s a lot of them in this show.  I dread to think what he’s like by the end of a full show!

And for a comparrison, here’s Robert Morse in the film of the musical (it’s brilliant, if you can see it do so!)  It’s not as big as the above video but it’s still brilliant.

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Congratulations Rod & Ricky


Awwww ain’t it sweet!  To celebrate New York’s new move to allow gay marriages, one of New York’s most famous gay couples got married at the weekend.  Rod & Ricky from Avenue Q clearly have had a great relationship since meeting at the end of the funniest musical in recent times, Avenue Q.  Now I’ve seen the moment that Rod & Ricky met 6 times now, twice in New York, three times in London and once in Birmingham, and it was clear even the first time that these two were meant to be together.

To see more pictures of this joyous partnership then head over to BroadwayWorld.com

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