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Let’s Try Again… With Added Motivation!


I neglected my Learning Shakespeare blog. I’d set it up as a project to keep me busy over the summer last year but lost all motivation.  Now I have a reason to be motivated to reignite it.

To find out what that motivation is click here and go have a read!


How many Shakespeare plays can you name in 2 minutes?

How many Shakespeare plays can you name in 2 minutes?.

Why not try this challenge on my Learning Shakespeare blog? Share how many you can name in a comment.

Learning Shakespeare

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a new blog – a sister blog as it were – to After The Curtain Comes Down.  This new blog is a bit of a challenge/learning curve on my part.  Please pop over and have a read of the introduction post to get some idea of what I hope to achieve with it.  Future posts will hopefully shed more light.  Would be great to have some input from people who have a better grasp of Shakespeare who could lead me in the right direction of reading/viewing material that would help.