About Wright Writes

I’m a mid 20s male in the West Midlands.  A qualified teacher (with no job) I tend to find myself aimlessly creating blogs and forgetting so I thought that I would try to collate my blogs and interests into one – and so here’s Wright Writes!

Anyway, my big passion outside of the world of work is the theatre.  I have been fortunate to have had work published on the Guardian website and I have managed to blag my way into being able to review local shows for the website ‘Whats on Stage’.  My theatre blog – After The Curtain Comes Down (I love that name – is a bit of a mouthful) has been neglected of late and so I aim to give it a kick up the proverbial back side and get it going and share that on here alongside my other blogs – you can either visit the original blog or scroll down as all the posts from there are now on here too.  I also decided I wanted to try educate myself in Shakespeare – and blogged all of 4 posts before I gave up.  Maybe 2013 will be the year I decide to take action…

So here I am now, setting up this blog hub.  I like the idea of calling it a hub.  I hope I can find clever ways to link to my blogs from here and use it to it’s full advantage.  Bare with me – I might give up, but will try to keep going.

Come see me on twitter @AlmostWright (my personal twitter) or @WrightTheatre (which is the blog twitter) and give me encouragement!


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