Wright Write Films #2 – Knight Rider (original series) Season 1, Episode 1

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Publish date: FRIDAY 26th JULY

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KNIGHT RIDER (original series) – SEASON 1, EPISODE 1 ‘Knight of Phoenix – Part 1’

Knight Rider – slightly before my time.  I know there’s a talking car and the Hoff is the star, but apart from that I have no real idea what it’s about. I’m guessing it’ll be cheesy and a little bit cringe worthy but let’s give it a go…

The LoveFilm blurb…

Michael Long, an ex-Vietnam veteran and undercover cop, is seriously injured while trying to arrest a circle of industrial saboteurs. His partner, Lonnie, has been murdered, and Michael has been left for dead. But his life is saved by the immediate and exclusive medical attention that the dying millionaire/inventor Wilton Knight has provided. In the Knight Enterprises laboratories, scientists are working around the clock to prepare a sensitive, computerized, and indestructible car for the new Michael. Three months later, fully recovered and a “new man,” Michael now seeks revenge for Lonnie’s death, and justice for the corporations hit by the saboteurs.

Have to say I quite enjoyed it! Bit silly at times but for an opening episode of a series it was good at laying the foundations. The Hoff will never be a fantastic actor, but he was better than I thought he would be showing the angst at trying to get revenge effectively.  KITT is an amazing car – even if early 80s design does show its age now.  And of course, what a theme tune!  I suppose this could be a secret guilty pleasure for me if I watch further episodes…

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