Wright Write Films #1 – The Thick Of It, Season 1 Episode 1

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thick of it

Publish date: THURSDAY 25th JULY


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I’ve heard lots about The Thick Of It, but never watched it.  The closest I’ve got is watching episodes of the BBC comedy Twenty Twelve which was a satire about the London Olympics so I’m assuming this will be similar, if not a bit more swear filled and possibly serious.

The blurb from LoveFilm for episode 1:

Cliff Lawton, the Minister for Social Affairs, is having a meeting with Number Ten’s Chief Political Advisor, Malcolm Tucker. There have been press rumours that the Minister is to be sacked. Lawton is told that none of these stories have come from Number Ten.

I’m not a massive fan of politics and don’t understand most of it.  I vaguely know what policies may have an impact on me but apart from that I don’t really have a clue.  So watching a satire about politics (originally from 2005) is slightly alien to me.  I can understand why ‘The Thick Of It’ got such a following when it was shown on TV.  There are some big name comedy stars in it with great performances.  It’s awkward and difficult to watch but at the same time you stay glued to it as you squirm in your seat.  Saying that though I found it difficult to follow.
Whether or not I’ll watch further episodes when I’m scrolling through LoveFilm I’m not entirely sure, but I respect it loads for what it was trying, and successfully, trying to achieve.

3 boards

Favourite line:

As useless as a marzipan dildo.


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