COMING SOON: Wright Writes FILM! [Updated with selection process]

W W Film

Ever had that moment when you’re going through LoveFilm or Netflix and you see films or shows you’d like to watch but ‘not right now’? I seem to have this feeling pretty much everytime I go through the options, so with the summer holidays looming what better chance to actually watch those films you try to save for later.

The plan:

  • To randomly choose films or TV shows on LoveFilm.
  • To watch said film or TV show all the way through (TV shows to watch the first full episode and potentially more).
  • To either blog as I watch or write a review after.
  • To repeat as often as possible.

The aim? Well to get my money’s worth from LoveFilm to start of with, but also to give new things a try and to broaden my tastes.  Who knows – this horror hating blogger may turn out to become the biggest fan of Paranormal Activity!

Wish me luck…


Want to know the selection process for Wright Writes Films project? Continue reading…

The Selection Process (using a Kindle Fire or other tablet/phone app version)

  1. Open the LoveFilm app on the kindle fire.
  2. Choose either Films or TV based on a coin toss.  Heads = film, Tails = TV
  3. Based on the day of the week choose the following options:
  • Monday = Most Popular
  • Tuesday = Recently Added
  • Wednesday = Genre
  • Thursday = Collections
  • Friday = Highest Rated
  • Saturday = For Kids
  • Sunday = Certificate
  1. Using the date as a timer (eg. 25th = 25 seconds) scroll through the options going back on themselves if required, until a file has been chosen.  For example 25 seconds scrolling until finding the selection on one menu, then on the next and then on the next menu to choose the file.  If the final menu has the file listed in 2 columns then choose the left option if the date is an odd number and the right if the date is an even number.
  • Date used is the date the post will be published, not the date the post is being written on.
  • If the option has been viewed already repeat the process.
  • If TV series – if option is a season in which a previous season is available then go to the earliest possible episode
  • If Film sequel – if original is un-viewed and available then watch the original.  If time allows then also view the original choice.
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