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next to normal

An apt name for a blog post that’s appearing out of the middle of nowhere!! I keep saying that I’ll get back to blogging on here as I intend to and keep thinking of things to blog but then get waylaid.  Anyways, next to normal isn’t the title of a blog about trying to get back into the swing of things, it is instead the name of a musical I discovered quite by accident yesterday (after seeing a still image on someone’s tumblr from one of the numbers) that I’m slowly getting obsessed with.


next to normal is a rock musical (how I hate that phrase) with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey with music by Tom Kitt.  It focus is on a mother who struggles with her worsening bipolar disorder and hallucinations which of course have a major effect on her family.  As the musical progresses her daughter goes off the rails, her marriage suffers and she finds out the truth about her son.

Without giving anything else away (the synopsis is on wiki if you’re desperate as well as some grainy attempt at recording the show in the theatre) it is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of a show, with some amazing music and songs that infect your mind.  From what I’ve seen online productions in New York (both off and on Broadway) have had fantastic casts and design.  This is a contemporary music in every sense.  I’d love for it to make a move over to the UK and see it for myself.

This performance from the 2009 Tony Awards of ‘You Don’t Know/I Am The One’ is just one example of why this is such a great show.

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