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Hey everyone!

As you’ll have noticed I like to listen to soundtracks when I’m bored.  So I thought I’d ask you to help me.  I’m stuck in a ruck – I want to listen to new music but don’t know what to listen to, so if there’s a soundtrack of a show new or old, well known or obscure, and it’s on Spotify (I can’t afford to buy a whole sountrack time and time again) or it’s so obscure you can’t get it from anywhere and you want to share it with me via the power of email, then please suggest them for me.  I will promise to give the whole thing a listen and to blog honestly about each soundtrack you guys recommend.  I’m not promising a track by track review a-la Ghost soundtrack unless it really grabs my attention though, but hope to be a bit more positive than the How to Succeed in Business blog!  As long as its a soundtrack to a theatre show – whether it be a musical, opera, a play’s soundtrack, a circus style show or anything that I would cover on this blog then I will listen and blog about it.


Leave me a comment or tweet me at @WrightTheatre or leave me a facebook post to suggest

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