The Wizard of Oz – YouTube is a friend of Dorothy


The Wizard of Oz already had huge preshow publicity what with Andrew Llloyd Webber using his favourite casting method, the BBC talent show.  Maybe more etched into people’s memories due to the number of friend of Dorothy jokes and the camp moon exit that the ruby-slipper-less Dorothy’s went through rather than the winner Dannielle Hope and the show itself.  However so, when the musical opened earlier this year it had kept the anitcipation going through endless videos on YouTube and a very active Twitter and Facebook account.

I’m aware that many shows have these accounts but none seem to endlessly promote their show than The Wizard of Oz.  It has the standard rehearsal vlogs and the video of opening night, but whereas most YouTube accounts would then fade without trace, the Oz account has kept going with videos showing the transformations of key characters and the theatre itself, and more recently a series of videos from the wings that follow the stage manager in her duties.  It’s these behind the scene snip bits that keep people interested in the show, that keep make those kids who dream of being a star see a bit more of the industry they want to join and over all increases the experience of seeing the show before or after seeing it.  Now you know that they climb onto the roof of the London Palladium to fly down into the audience – regardless of the weather for instance.

It’d be great for more shows to follow this example and show what does go into making a big scale West End show.

Wizard of Oz YouTube account

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